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We had a special visit recently to a Saturday program as Chapter Director Lou Chiera and Founder of N.I.C.K.’s Golf Program came to the Eco Golf Club in Hollywood Beach to deliver shirts and hats to the participants that are from the Joe DiMaggio Hospital.

The Chiera Family Foundation was established in memory of Lou’s father Nicholas R. Chiera, who passed away from cancer in 1989. N.I.C.K.’s Golf Program is also the acronym: Nothing is Impossible for Cancer Kids.

This is the fourth year the program has been with our Chapter along with Coach Bridget Ackley, Coach Tony Whelan and volunteer assistant coach Valerie Bertuccelli.

The children are there each week to learn golf and to enhance their lives while battling cancer. Participants are encouraged to bring siblings and a friend each week for the golf lessons and core values of The First Tee.